Here are some comments from a few of our customers:


“I have ocular rosacea and have tried most of the prescription medications, with no satisfactory result. These prescriptions weren’t cheap, and I live on a limited income as a 75 year old. I tried the plant stem cell cream, and the serum, and they are both wonderful. They work great for me. I just wish I had tried them earlier.” (Mary Lilak, PA)


“Thanks for this wonderful product that saved my ego and helped me to normalize my life. I am very happy”. (Tracey Li, 46 years old, Hong Kong)


“I have had rosacea for the last 25 years, and had tried many medications and OTC products. And nothing worked. Finally, on a referral from a friend, I ordered this plant stem cell hydrophilic cream. It was like a miracle. I started enjoying my life. Thanks for such a wonderful product.” (Julie Conor, 40, Dublin, Ireland)


“Being in the construction business, I spend most of the time in the sun. I have serious premature aging and irritating itching. I visited several dermatologists and was treated like a guinea pig with medications that gave only temporary relief. It was very expensive, but I was desperate. Luckily, one of my close friends told me to try this stem cell cream. Wow! It really works for me.” (Nick Palmisano, 40, Canada)


“I am a 35 year old single mom with lots of stress and financial difficulties. I was being robbed by so-called certified medical or healthcare people. But I finally tried this stem cell cream, and it is a real blessing. It helps me a lot. At least part of my life is now stress-free.” (Rachel Davis, Durham, NC)


“On a personal level, I strongly recommend plant stem cell based hydrophilic skin cream, which was exclusively prepared for my face. After using lots of skin care products I realized that most of them are just classical money-making business products. The price of this hypo-allergenic cream is reasonable, and has purely herbal ingredients. It works for me.” (Ingrid Folkesson, 45, Malmo, Sweden)


“I have terrible rosacea and prescription medications were doing no good. Even if I used concealer, I had a self-esteem problem. Luckily, I ordered this plant stem cell incorporated cream and immediately noticed dramatic improvements. Now I don’t need to use concealers and I enjoy a normal life. Thanks to Prof. Andersson for helping me.” (Susan Williams, 36 years, Parklane, London, UK.)


“Most of Chinese have facial brown spots, mostly under-eye and we need to use some kind of foundation or concealer. I ordered this plant stem cell cream and it helps me amazingly. I got shocked that now I do not need to use other cosmetics to cover my face. I am very pleased with the results. Thanks are not enough. Seeing is believing.” (Xia Wei, 43, New Orleans, LA USA)


I used the green tea cream, successfully, for a few years, for my rosacea. Then I tried the plant stem cell cream, and am thrilled beyond words! Not only does it keep my rosacea in check—I can often go without concealer at all, but it has tightened my skin. In fact, my heavy, droopy eyelids are much firmer. They are still heavy, but not droopy like they were. It makes using eye shadow MUCH easier! It reminds me of the phrase “facelift in a jar”. It works great!” (Sally McCaughrin, 66, Missouri)


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