Melasma or Chloasma is an irregular-brown facial hypermelanosis, more common in women than in men. In general it occurs after pregnancy and appears to be a dysfunction of pigmentary system attributed due to Tyrosinase (copper containing monooxygenase in melanosomes) inability to catalyze the conversion of L-Tyrosine to  L-dopa and L-dopa to L-quinone in melanin synthesis. Basically Tyrosinase has the ability of hydroxylation of L-Tyrosinase to 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine and the oxidation of L-dopa to dopaquinone resulting o-quinone is highly reactive, polymerize spontaneously to melanin. Inhibiting Tyrosinase activity and preventing abnormal pigmentation is the key to treat Melasma, freckles and pre-mature age spots.

Published contributing factors mentioning of genetic predisposition, pregnancy, intense exposure to UV-light, oral-contraceptives, endocrine dysfunction or hormone treatment

There are several topical and oral treatment modalities (even concealers) each with its own limited efficacy in suppressing the symptoms and not addressing the real root-cause

Based on individual basis we customize green tea extract blended with plant stem cells (and not the plant EXTRACTS) topical hydrophilic cream in a proprietary formulation as well as herbal serum containing only herbs with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives to treat Melasma. We do not use any steroids like hydrocortisone or parabens as ingredients in customized products. This proprietary based cream and herbal serum formulations are available only from us. Why not give it a try with money back guarantee.


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