Jade Sparkle Company is registered in British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong since 2014, and will be registered in the USA very soon.

Biotechnology and IT awareness are fast pacing exponentially to realize the impossible where the sphere and realm of international business decimates the impromptu and devours the naïve. Skin care and other purveyors of stem cell therapies promise rejuvenation and noticeable help for many chronic diseases.

At Jade Sparkle Company Limited we are committed with a primary mission to explore, integrate scientific know-how with state of the art cutting-edge innovations, as well as to gain prospective knowledge to expand our horizon with the ultimate objective to discover innovative syngenic or autologous patient-specific viable stem cell-based cellular therapeutics. We fund and collaborate with other international business ventures both financially and technically to conduct stem cell-based clinical studies.

In pursuit of our goal we strictly adhere to all international GMP requirements and compliance. We are fully aware that consumers have myriad vents to air grievances about poor services or sub-standard procedures/products. When it comes to quality and precision we do not compromise.

While several experts from various prestigious institutions (Harvard, Stanford and Lund) are involved with Jade Sparkle, the company revolves around Professor Andersson. His over 40 years of professional expertise in the field of extracting and synthesizing natural bioactives, as well as incorporating biologically active natural ingredients into hydrophilic semi-solids, give Prof. Andersson a verifiable proven track record of success in the skin care field. He has been involved in Stem Cell Biotechnology since 1990.

His education includes study at:

The University of Lund, Sweden

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of Tehran, Iran

The University of the Punjab, Lahore-Pakistan

Harvard Medical School (Continuous Medical Education Course)

Prof. Andersson’s unique qualification is demonstrated by more than 30 peer-reviewed scholarly publications as principal investigator in many prominent international medical journals and more than one hundred scientific presentations at national and international medical conferences.

In addition, he is an expert reviewer for many prominent international medical and biotechnology journals, as well as being a much sought after speaker at various biotechnology events.

Professional affiliations include:

Advisor Harvard Business Review Advisory Council

Fellow Royal Society of Medicine, UK

Fellow British Institute of Management, UK

Fellow Royal Society of Chemistry

Member Society of Cosmetic Chemists, NY

Fellow National Academy of Biochemistry

Member American Association for Clinical Chemistry, Washington DC

Member American Chemical Society

Jade Sparkle is a company dedicated to the best products for the health and vitality of your skin—with the expertise to produce the best.