We strive to bridge a competitive gap by creating a revenue stream based on Medicare Recognition and support, including strategic partnerships, and distribution channels covering an extensive IP portfolio.

We are decisively striving for multiple approaches and welcome all types of potential funding or mutual collaboration with international ventures to enhance the marketing feasibility for our very exclusive and superior quality plant stem cell based cellular therapies.



Return on Investment is an investor’s primary objective in his or her financial portfolio. Risk capital is measured by the performance of the return in relationship to the investment. Risk ventures have to be measured against various benchmarks. The most common is interest rates at various institutions with little or no risk. The relative risk has to realize a return on investment accordingly.

With Jade Sparkle Company Ltd. the risk would be perceived to be very low because it is categorized as a prospective healthcare venture. The reasons are numerous but the key factor is usually the proficiency of management and continuous invasion of new competition.

Therefore, an investor would anticipate a return on investment in Jade Sparkle Company Ltd. to be relatively high. Prospective parties are encouraged to contact us directly for additional information including forecast and balance sheets data.